What it is?

Fingermax®, is an original paintbrush designed to transform children’s and adults’ fingers into the most modern painting tools.

Paint with 5 paintbrushes each hand,
5 colors at once!!

Just slide one on your finger and the rubber spiral will fit perfectly on your fingertips, providing great comfort and control.


  • Complies with EN 71 on “Safety of Toys”.
  • Not recommended for children under three years.
  • Manufactured with the highest quality materials:
    – Spiral made of TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer).
    – Bristle brushes with natural hair and / or synthetic hair depending on product family.
  • All products are made in EU.
  • IF Design Award



At Fingermax ®, we take our mission of providing children and adults with creative artistic tools that foster learning and personal expression, as well as promoting an art, educational and therapeutic oriented movement. Fingermax ® is not just a mere brand and an array of exclusive products, it stands for a set of values that are projected into our customers and every day, both as a company and as people:

  • Fingermax creativity


    Our creativity as children and adults is the engine of our evolution and personal and social development

  • Innovation


    It is that creativity that motivates us to develop new ways of painting and having fun.

  • Fingermax Educative

    Education and development

    We believe sensory education to be a fundamental aspect for the children’s personal development and future.

  • Espontaneity and fun

    It is what we experience with our own children and wish to project into Fingermax ®.

  • Fingermax Educative

    Art and culture

    We believe art to be inherent in our lives and that it wells during our childhood


Fingermax School Quality and Artist Line

Fingermax units

Assorment Units

School Quality
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Fingermax Wave Box

Wave Box Set

School Quality
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Fingermax Wave Box Fluo

Wave Box Fluo

School Quality
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Fingermax Display

Display + 150 Units

School Quality
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Fingermax School Box 12

School Box 12 pc

School Quality
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Fingermax School Box 24

School Box 24 pc

School Quality
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Fingermax Artist Line

Artist Line

Artist Line
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Wave Box

Artist Line
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Fingermax ® serves as a link between finger painting and the traditional paint brush.
A unique and revolutionary concept !!
The connection established between the pads and Fingermax ® brushes, causing the fingers to act alone , in coordination with the movements of the hands, at its best creativity , coordination, imagination and fun.



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